I’m Now 36

It was my birthday earlier this week.  I’m now 36 years old and I don’t really have emotional reaction to that number.  I’ve always embraced getting older, however I do still feel young.  Perhaps I am still young – it’s all relative.

I would say 35 was an interesting year, as I had expected. I wrote this on my birthday last year.  I started the year pregnant with my daughter, my son was 20 months old, and I was super busy at work.  I then went on a very emotionally exhausting trip to visit my uncle who was on his deathbed.  My husband got a job and went back to work earlier than planned (he was home with our son) and we put our son in daycare for the first time – which didn’t exactly work out.  In January I gave birth to my daughter at home and I have been on maternity leave since then.  I had both kids home with me for several months and was getting extremely burnt out.  Six weeks ago my son started at an amazing daycare and he is so happy.

So it’s been a busy year.

I had some things that I had hoped to accomplish during my 35th year and I’m sad to say that I didn’t get much done.  Granted, I’ve been a little busy, but my list only contained 4 items.  I wanted to get my license, buy a new car, get back into yoga and go on vacation.  We did buy a car (out of necessity, our other car died and we didn’t get a new one as I had wanted to), and I am doing more yoga – meditation really but I am living in a yoga mindset more these days.

So I didn’t get my license or go on a vacation.

This year I want to get my license and go on a vacation haha.

Not sure I see the vacation happening again.  But hey, you never know.

But besides the things I want to do, there are some things I want to be, to become.

I think more than anything else, this year I want to come back to myself.  Right now I am all mom all the time.  I have barely even left the house.  So this includes doing yoga.  Going to yoga classes.  I want to teach yoga again.  I want to get massages on a monthly basis.  I want to think more about my career – I’m considering a career move and I want to put more energy into this idea.  I want to dream more and have goals. I want to do more of the things I love. Surround myself with things and people who inspire me. I want to improve my diet – I’m losing a ton of weight again and I don’t want to get super skinny again.

I want to continue to work towards becoming the woman that my daughter will look up to.  My son as well, but there’s a different dynamic there.

I want to continue to work towards living in ease.  Remaining calm in challenging situations. Staying positive.  Staying in tune with my emotions and be less reactive.  More responsive.  I want to continue to live in the moment – especially with my kids.  I want to laugh more.  I want to have more fun with my husband.

I want to continue to nurture my friendships.  I have three best girl friends right now and I value these ladies so much.

I guess that’s a lot, but it’s all things I”m working towards at the moment anyways.  When I think about the year ahead I can’t really picture how it will go.  I am taking an additional 4 months maternity leave, so I still get to be home with my baby girl for another 8 months, which is crazy!  I really want to enjoy this time because it’s really a once in a lifetime opportunity.

OK, I’m rambling now.  Baby is napping but I know she’ll wake up soon and I want to take a shower. So I’ll leave it at that.



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