We are All Enjoying Daycare

Today is day 2 of full day daycare for our son.  He is loving it.  It just warms my heart to be able to write that.  I drop him off at 9. When we get there he sits in his cubby, we change his shoes and then say good morning to the fish – they have two aquariums.  He then runs right into his classroom to see his friends (saying “hi friends!” – how adorable is that?!).  He barely says bye to me and when we pick him up at 3:30 he’s not keen to leave.

One of the days that I picked him up he was dressed as a fireman.  I really would love to share a photo with you guys but I want to keep this blog as anonymous as possible.

We have had a number of meltdowns in the evening though, but we expected that.  Apparently kids are on their best behaviour when not with mom and dad and then when they are home they feel free to express their emotions.  And there are so many emotions.  Hopefully this will not go on for too long because it sucks to miss him all day and then get the not so happy version of him when we do get time with him.

Yesterday was my first day on my own with my sweet baby girl (my husband was home last week) and it was honestly a bit of a blur because she was up every 2 hours the night before.  She was pretty clingy but overall adorable.  She also napped really well, I think not having her brother around helps.

Last night was much better – up at 2 and then 5:45.  Unfortunately she was up for the day at that time.  But I got about 6 hours sleep, so I’m ok.

I would never have said that prior to having babies.  I used to be like a 9 or 10 hour of sleep a night kind of person.

Today is going well so far.  She went down for her nap with no fuss at 9:15 and now I”m just relaxing, drinking coffee and watching youtube videos.

I plan on doing some cleaning, getting outside for a walk (it’s a beautiful day), and enjoying my sweet baby girl.  I feel like I”m on vacation!!


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