First Day at Daycare

Oh boy. I feel like a lot is going on over here right now. Not only are we coming off of our first few nights (and naps apparently) of sleep training our 7 month old – which is super crazy stressful – but my son started his transition to daycare today.

Have to say I’m feeling good about both of these things.  Night is going really well – she cried for 3 minutes last night guys 3 MINUTES! so I decided to just bite the bullet and start sleep training for naps, which is proving to be a bit trickier, but I expected that. My sister was over this morning to watch her while I look the boy to daycare and she was actually able to get her down for a nap with less than 5 minutes of crying.  When I walked in the door I could hear her crying a little and my poor sister was in tears too.  She’s like, this is so hard!! lol YA I KNOW.  She only slept for 30 minutes, but I’m just happy that other people can put her down.  Kind of a big deal.

As for the daycare….so today was day one of the three day transition in and it was great. Today was only from 9:30-11 and I stayed the whole time.  When we got there 4 of the 9 kids were crying so that was kind of shitty.  I had a bad feeling in my stomach, but it’s an emotional thing anyways.  They said that a lot of the kids are new in that class (moved up from the younger group) and that many of the kids are coming off of a 4 day weekend so it was a tough transition day for a lot of them.  So I get that.  Still, not the best thing to see first thing.

They spent only about 15 minutes inside and the rest of the time was spent playing outside in their amazing yard.  My son was super cool.  He was just exploring and playing with the kids.

I thought for sure he’d nap but he’s up in his room jumping on his bed, so yeah, not sure a nap is in the cards yet again.  It’s been over a week since he’s napped so I think he may be done with it.  It’ll be interesting to see if he naps at daycare.  He’s tired that’s for sure.

But yeah, busy but good day so far.


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