My Daycare Provider Lost My Son

My husband picked up our son from daycare yesterday and came home super pissed off.  “She lost him today” he said.  What do you mean, lost him?  I asked.  He said he did’t get the details he was too angry.  He just picked him up and brought him right home.

I didn’t want to think too much about it until I got the details.  Lost where?  For how long? I also didn’t want to think too much about it because that’s pretty much my biggest fear and maybe he wasn’t really lost.

So I emailed her and asked her to call me when she had a moment.

I spoke with her this morning and the conversation did not go well.

Basically she took him and the three other kids to the library.  She asked them all to go into the play room while she hung up their coats. When she went in our son wasn’t there.  She looked for him and found him outside of the library.

I get the situation, I do.  My son is super quick and he’s a toddler so he doesn’t always listen well.  I’m worried about losing him myself so I can understand how it can happen.  I also appreciate her telling us.

But then she said, you have to talk to your son because it’s not ok for him to run off.

So I said, he’s two years old and I need to be able to trust that this won’t happen again.  I told her I understood how it happened and all that but that whole situation makes me incredibly uncomfortable.

She then said that she’s been a daycare provider for a long time (and she has) and said (again) that we need to talk to our son.

I lost it.

I said, HE’S TWO YEARS OLD and it’s your job to watch him and you need to take some responsibility for what happened.

The rest of the conversation is a bit blurry.  I was so angry.

Ugh so stressful.  So basically we’re looking at our options.  I just need someone to help out a few days a week – maybe Monday, Wednesday and Friday – in the mornings so we’re thinking of hiring a young girl who lives across the street to come by.

We’re going to have to figure something out because this is not going to work for us anymore.




4 thoughts on “My Daycare Provider Lost My Son

  1. OMG I would be livid!!!!!!!!!!!!I would have been pissed yes I understand and will talk to him but id you can’t handle taking a two year old to the library then you need to have help…if she’s been doing it a long time she should know that!!!!

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