From bedsharing to the crib – the first night

Like many parents, I never wanted to bed share with my daughter. I did it with my son and as nice as the baby cuddles are, it just doesn’t work for me. 

For one, I get absolutely no me time when bedsharing. I need to be able to put the baby down and have a few hours to myself. I wouldn’t feel comfortable leaving the baby on the bed and besides, bedsharing for us more than likely means the baby is sleeping on my chest.

Which leads me to point two- it is physically very uncomfortable for me. Even if they are laying next to me I still find it hard to completely relax.

And most importantly, I think the baby and I both sleep better in our own beds. I’m not waking her up. She’s not waking me up – oh wait, she still is. But I do sleep better when I know I can move around.

Which is why, after 6 weeks of bedsharing with my daughter, I have started the transition to the crib. The crib is in my room so she’s not moving out of the room yet, just out of my bed.

Last night was the first night and here’s how it went:

6:30 bedtime routine (diaper, pjs, swaddle, song, nurse and rock to sleep)

7:30-8:15 slept in the crib

8:15-8:45 Rock no feed

8:45-10:45 slept in the crib

10:45-11:15 feed and rock

11:15-2 slept in the crib

2-4 feed and rock and burp and rock and rock and diaper change and bounce and feed 

And yeah…I couldn’t get her back down so at 4 my husband took over so that I could get some sleep. She slept in the swing downstairs for an hour, nursed again at 5 and my  husband wore her in the ergo carrier (where she slept) till 7:30. 

Do what you gotta do.

All in all though I’m feeling super optimistic. I really didn’t expect two long stretches of sleep. And the 2am debacle I think can be helped – I tried burping her after her feed and it woke her up. So I think tonight if she’s asleep I’ll just skip the burping and make sure to put her down fast asleep (I’m not sleep training yet so I’m ok with that).

Also our room makes her super stuffed up and I know kept her up, poor thing was so stuffed up she could barely breathe. So I only let her fuss for 15 minutes before picking her up.

I’m gonna give it another try tonight. Wish me luck!!


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