My typical morning with a toddler and a newborn

Wake up at 6:30 to the sound of my two year old babbling. I have spit up in my hair and a 5 week old baby on my chest. It was a rough night again. But alas, the day begins.

I nurse my daughter in bed until 7 then leave her on the bed while I go get my son. He’s happy and when he hears his baby sister stir he wants out of my arms to go see her. We go into the room together. He wants to climb up on the bed to touch her eyes (his favourite thing to do). She starts to cry so he flings himself on the floor and starts to cry too. 

Fun times.

All I can think of is coffee. I try to make milk sound really exciting to entice my son to come downstairs. Eventually we find ourselves in the kitchen. Coffee is near! But the baby calls so I set my son up with some breakfast (toast with cottage cheese and bananas today) and I nurse my daughter again. 

The coffee will have to wait.

I put her in the swing and tend to that coffee. While waiting for it to brew I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror. Hair disheveled (I went to sleep with it in a top  knot last night), right eye pink (I accidentally got makeup remover in my eye last night – yes, I actually had makeup to take off yesterday!), and spit up all over my shirt. 

Coffee is ready and I take three giant gulps. Kids are happy/safe so I run upstairs to get my sons clothes for the day and throw on a different pair of sweat pants. I come back down just in time to stop my son from throwing his uneaten cottage cheese on the floor. I change his diaper and get his clothes on.  He plays with his toys while I change my daughters diaper.

The diaper bin is full and I start creating my mental to do list. Change diaper bin garbage, vacuum, wash towels, call pediatrician. 

I’m going to need more coffee.

I get my son into his coat and hat and put him in the stroller in our garage while my daughter screams at us from her bouncy chair. Once he’s in there I put his boots on and tell him I’ll be right back.  

I get my daughter up in the ergo carrier and put a hat on her. I slip on my runners and winter coat. We do the 3 minute walk to daycare. I love you, have a great morning, see you soon, I love you.

I get home and take a glorious 2 hour nap with my daughter (that is not typical!).

Wake up, shower while daughter screams at me from her bouncy chair, throw towels in the washer, vacuum, call pediatrician, and have a bite to eat. 

It’s already 11:30 and I have to go get my son soon. 

But first, another coffee.


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