Slowing down and enjoying my 5 week old

I am sitting on my couch, pillow under arm, sweet baby girl sleeping across my lap. To the left of me an empty coffee cup leaning against the arm rest. To the right of me a polka dotted spit up cloth. My water bottle calls to me from the kitchen table and I am thankful I put on a Netflix show before sitting down to nurse her. 

I have an hour before I need to pick up my  2 year old son on this bitter cold day. I had planned on folding the laundry that sits on the loveseat to the left of me but instead for the next hour I will sit back and enjoy some baby cuddles and No Tomorrow . 

My sweet baby girl will be 5 weeks old tomorrow and I find myself wondering what to do with her in those brief moments when she’s not sleeping, eating, or fussing. I spend my time watching far too much tv and longing for kinder weather so we can get out.  

This time is so special and frustrating and boring and beautiful. It’s going by very quickly and I’m trying to just enjoy it. I know the frustrating times will fade and the fussiness will subside. I will once again get a good nights sleep.  We will eventually get into a routine and she WILL nap on her own – I am determined that she will. 

All in good time.

For now I’m just going to enjoy these baby cuddles, stare at her little face and think over and over how lucky I am to be her mom. 


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