First day alone – so far so good!

The house is very quiet right now. My parents left on Saturday, taking with them our dog (more on that another day), my husband is at work, and my two year old is at daycare.

That just leaves me and my one month old who is currently snoring softly on my chest.

I had a bit of anxiety last night wondering how I was going to manage the two of them on my own in the morning. For the last two weeks I had been bringing the baby girl to my parents (who were happy to stare at her) while I got my son ready and out the door.  

I have to say, the morning went surprisingly well. My son has been in an amazing mood since my parents left – he was totally overwhelmed by all the visitors and is now back to his happy self! This makes getting him ready and out the door much easier and I’m happy to report that here was not a single tantrum!

Baby girl on the other hand has been a little more work lately. She does not like to be put down anymore (hence her sleeping on me right now) so she did cry more than I would have liked while I got my son ready. I would wear her in the ring sling but it’s hard to do that and dress my son so unfortunately she was left in her swing to cry a little. 

This suprisingly didn’t frazzle me too much. Do what you gotta do I guess.

The daycare drop off (just down the street) was great. With my son in the stroller and the little one in the ergo carrier it was a breeze. She even fell alsleep. When I got home to the quiet house I found myself wondering what to do. Do I clean? Have a coffee? Watch a show? Nap with her?

I decided to try to nap so I attempted to transfer her to the pack and play infant napper thing. Within 5 minutes she was fussing and then wide awake. So much for that.

I’m not going to worry about it too much now but I really need to have her sleeping on her own. For now I’m going to just let her sleep on me and hopefully get some rest as well.  Or blog while watching Netflix.

It’s now 11:30 and I have to go get my son. We’re going to have lunch (pita pizzas) and then I’ll get him down for his nap. This will mean leaving baby girl in the swing while I tend to him – hopefully she sleeps in there so that I can try to nap too!!

Wish me luck!


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