Longing for quiet time and a better routine

Things have been feeling a little crazy these days. As helpful as its been to have my parents visiting, it’s also been pretty stressful.

First off, I’m an introvert and need quiet time alone to feel sane and having people around all the time has been very draining. And my mom is a chatty pants and it makes me kind of crazy. She’ll start talking at me from the moment she wakes up. I have to try so hard to be kind and not snap at her. My mom really is the sweetest woman and she means so well and is so amazing with the kids and I try to just be grateful for their help, but I can get pretty mean and snappy when I’m sleep deprived – so I don’t feel so good about the way I react to my mom. 

And second I can’t wait to get into my own routine. This friday my son will be 2 (!) and my daughter will be 4 weeks. Even though she’s still so young and we don’t have a schedule yet, I’m still looking forward to getting into some kind of a routine.  I think I’ll be good for my son too to have a bit more structure in his days without so many distractions. He’s been having a tough go these past Freddy’s (which means I’ve been having a rough go too!).

They’re here for another five days so I’m going to try to just appreciate the help, get in as many naps as I can and just be kind. I’m lucky to have them and my kids are pretty lucky too – they love them so much it’s pretty special.


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