What breastfeeding looks like in my house

My daughter will be three weeks old tomorrow and has grown so much in these short weeks – all thanks to breastmilk. It’s really quite amazing that my body is able to produce everything she needs right now and that she instinctively knows how to get the goods.

It’s not easy though. Even though this is the second baby I’ve breastfed and coming in with experience helps, she’s still learning and I’m still learning about her and that makes for some pretty rough nights.

Having said that, I love breastfeeding my babies and I know it’ll get better the more we come to know one another. 

But right now, at three weeks, this is what breastfeeding looks like for us:

  • Lots of latching, unlatching, fussing and latching again
  • A sharp pinch when she first latches – especially on the left side for some reason. It subsides after a few seconds so I don’t think it’s a bad latch necessarily I just think her suction is crazy strong 
  • Super uncomfortable to the point of painful letdown – this is new this time around
  • Random tingling/letdown sensations at different times throughout the day – like right now
  • No consistency in terms of how long she’ll nurse. Sometimes it’s 5 minutes then she’s sleeping other times she’ll hang out for half an hour.
  • Cluster feeding! Last night all she wanted to do for 3 hours – 3 HOURS PEOPLE! – was nurse. It was super frustrating because all I wanted to do was sleep. But I swear she is heavier this morning!
  • I am so so thirsty all the time and my craving for chocolate is out of control.

Oh and my boobs are hanging out like, all the time. In a not so sexy way.

I’m thinking I’ll start pumping soon so that I can have a relief night (aka mummy’s gonna have 2 glasses of wine and probably pass right out lol). It also sucks that my husband can’t do more in this area – if she’s fussy sometimes the only thing that soothes her is nursing and that’s all on me. So it’ll be nice for my husband to be able to shoulder some of this responsibility. 

I know we’re still in early days and like I said it’ll get better. Some of my favourite memories involve breastfeeding my son – the sweet milk-drunk smiles, the gentle way he would rest his little hand on my chest, and those quiet moments spent just being together. I’m so lucky that I get to do it all again 🙂


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