My not so perfect home birth and my perfect baby

I’m writing this post on my phone while my sweet baby girl sleeps in my arms. She just finished nursing and fell right asleep, as newborns do.

I gave birth to her friday morning – 4 days before her due date. I’m still processing it and will probably write a lot more about it in the future but I’ll say this: it was nothing like the zen hypno birth I had with my son. It was fast – 5 hours in total with 5 minutes of pushing. It was scary – I didn’t plan for or expect the pain. I needed the water and our tub and shower suck so I only got in the shower at the end. As soon as I felt the water on my back my water broke and I immediately pushed her out in a very loud and primal manner.

And then she was in my arms and all the pain and anguish went away. I was flooded with love and when my husband came into the bathroom carrying our son my heart just swelled.

My family is complete.


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