Making Some Changes to Our Sons Daycare

Well, I’m still pregnant.  I’m only 39 weeks and 2 days, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise.  And yet, I’m surprised.  I guess because I gave birth to my son at 39 weeks I kind of assumed this one would follow suit.  I really do feel that things could get going any day now.  I’ve been having back ache, more cramping and she somehow managed to move even lower.

As much as I am anticipating the big event, I’m also enjoying this time to myself (three days a week) and with my 23 month old son (two days a week).  Only thing is I’m not feeling so great about his daycare situation.

Our biggest issues at the moment are:

  • he comes home with bad diaper rash every freaking week
  • he’s not napping there
  • he doesn’t eat dinner at home on the days that he’s with her

My husband and I haven’t been happy with the situation, but there is still so much good.  Like how happy he is to see her.  How flexible she is.  How she is just four houses down – super convenient for me! And how loving and compassionate she is.

So we don’t want to move him somewhere else completely, but we do want something to change.

And so this is what we’ve decided: instead of him going there for three full days a week we’re going to send him to her every day from 8 am to 12 pm.  This will mean:

  • he’ll have a more consistent routine
  • he’ll have lunch here with me as well as his afternoon snack – I like that I’ll know what he’s eating and make sure that he’s not filling up on snacks before dinner
  • he really shouldn’t come home with diaper rash if he’s only with her for a few hours
  • he’ll nap here in the afternoon
  • I’ll still get a good morning break to nap with the baby or do whatever, while getting good time with him in the afternoon
  • I won’t have full days with him – which at times can be very stressful

And because she’s so flexible, I don’t see this being a problem.  Especially seeing as she won’t have to feed him, she’ll actually get a break (with him not napping there she doesn’t get a break), and we’ll pay her the same amount.

I can really see this working well with the newborn too.  I think it’ll be good for me, and if the afternoons are tough, I’ll be able to take solace knowing that my husband comes home at 3:30.

I feel really good about this new plan!


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