Preparing for a Home Birth

I’m now 38 weeks and 3 days.  I had my son at 39 weeks exactly and I’m kind of expecting this one to come early as well.  I’m still a bit on the fence on whether or not I want a home birth or if I’ll go to the birth centre, but this week I’m leaning more towards home birth.

Before becoming pregnant with my first I never thought I would even consider a home birth.  And here I am planning for one.

One of the main reasons is that my midwives think she’s going to come really fast.  For my first I was only in active labour for about three hours and I only pushed for 20 minutes.  Mind you, it didn’t all happen that quickly.  I had a very progressive labour for about six hours up until the active part started – but because the active part was so quick they are telling me it could all go a lot faster this time around.

So there’s that.

And if my labour is like my first, then I really don’t feel like I need to go anywhere.  As much as I loved being in the water, I’m not planning for another water birth and I really like the idea of just staying put.

Preparing for a Home Birth – The Stuff

So my midwives have given me a home birth kit.  In it there are some birthing supplies (a shower curtain, bed pads, and IV saline solution), post partum supplies (garbage bags, peri bottle, adult diapers and pads), and GBS positive stuff.  Oh yeah, I didn’t mention – I’m GBS positive (again) so that sucks.  With my first I didn’t have time for the meds, but this time around we’re going to really try to get at least some of the treatment in me.  More on that in another post…

There are a number of things they recommend I have on hand, which I need to gather.  These include:

  • plastic container for the placenta
  • bright portable light
  • old towels
  • wash cloths
  • receiving blankets
  • baby hats
  • sheets for the birth bed
  • food and drink – for me and my birthing team
  • hydrogen peroxide
  • large bowl
  • newborn diapers

There are some things they also list that I won’t bother with – like a hand mirror, music, oil and hot water bottle.

Preparing for a Home Birth – The Mental Stuff

When I first started thinking about it I couldn’t quite picture birthing at home.  Where would I be?  In the living room? In our bedroom?  I know I won’t be in the tub because our tub and bathroom are pretty awful (one of the main reasons why I’d consider going to the birth centre really is to use their beautiful amazing tub again – the water helped so much!).

And now when I think about it I can see myself in the living room.  I picture it happening at night. Lights dim.  My son sleeping upstairs.  I’d do what I did first time around.  Pace the room and stop during contractions to lean against the table.  I’d use the exercise ball.  And the TENS machine – it’ll be great to have this earlier on this time around.  When it gets intense I’ll be on the floor, pushing against the couch during contractions and resting against it in between.  I’ll then deliver my baby girl on all fours or in a half squat position. I’ll lay back right away and put her to my chest.  We’ll make our way onto the couch and meet one another for the first time – I hope breastfeeding goes well right away this time.

I’ll then eat muffins that I’ll make tomorrow and have a glass of orange juice.  We’ll also have fruit, muffins and croissants out for our midwives.

I’ll have a shower, and climb into bed with my baby girl and hopefully catch a few hours sleep (though unlikely – I was wired after my first).  My son will then wake and he’ll come into the room to meet his baby sister and give me kisses (he’s very generous with his kisses these days I love it).

Ideally this will be Monday morning and he’ll be off to daycare that morning.  My husband will get him ready and drop him off.  When he gets back we’d all then sleeeeeep.

I know I’m not guaranteed a great experience like I had with my first, but I’m hoping.  I”m feeling really positive and you know, if shit happens we’ll do what we need to do.  I have an amazing birth team and I trust them, so we’ll see.

It’s going to happen so soon!!! I’m excited!


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