Putting a Price on Sleep: The Dock-a-Tot

I’m pretty minimalist, but sometimes there are products that I feel I must have.  Like a pull that I can’t escape.  The Dock-a-Tot is this for me right now.

If you haven’t heard of it, basically it’s a nest type contraption that is supposed to help your baby sleep better.  It’s also nearly $300.

I first came across it on a youtube channel I follow and she swore by it.  Called it one of her top 5 baby must haves.  And the more I googled it, the more rave reviews I found.  BUT I am very very critical of customer reviews and I have a strong suspicion that these people are all paid reviewers.  Now I know a lot of people who review products are honest, but I don’t know about this one.  I just feel like people are a little too enthusiastic about it.  Though if I were sent a $300 product, I might be swayed to be pretty optimistic about it too.

I’ve also read reviews and forums but I just don’t trust them.  I feel like everyone is in on it and I’m being duped.

People say things like “you can’t put a price on sleep” – and yes, I guess this is true but no babies sleep is guaranteed.  Plus, maybe I’ll be blessed with a great sleeper anyways (crossing all my fingers and toes for a miracle here!).

So even though my instincts tell me it’s probably not worth the cost and she’ll grow out of it so fast and it’s something I don’t need (and is it even safe!?) – I can’t help put feel every now and then that I MUST get it.

I figure we’ll wait and see what kind of sleeper she is and if we are desperate perhaps $300 is worth the chance that she’ll sleep.  If not, the resale value on this kind of thing has got to be pretty good.



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