My Hospital Bag

So with my first I didn’t put any thought at all into packing a hospital bag.  First off, I wasn’t planning on going to the hospital, and second, I thought I still had time to get my shit together.

I also think people put wayyyyy too much thought and effort into this.  But if it makes people feel prepared, then all the power to them.

Having said that, this time around I would like to be just little more prepared.  With my first I ended up a bunch of stuff shoved into a couple of grocery bags thank you to my husband who, when I told him that the stuff was on our dresser, he grabbed literally everything from off the dresser and threw it in a few random plastic bags (so classy!) as we were heading out the door.  He also had to search for his car keys…so we’re going to make sure that doesn’t happen again!

If I remember correctly I had put aside my notes from my midwife, an outfit for the baby (diaper, undershirt, onesie, and hat), a shirt and pair of pants for myself, a labouring dress (which I didn’t end up wearing because I preferred to just get naked right away), a hair elastic and a headband, some lip gloss, a pair of socks, and some snacks.  This totally sufficed as I didn’t go to a hospital, but to a birth centre, and I was home within 4 hours of giving birth.

So I am still looking to avoid a trip to the hospital and am leaning towards a homebirth, and if not that then for sure birth centre again, but you never know.  So if I do actually end up at a hospital, here’s what I’m thinking of packing:

  • health card and credit card for parking
  • notes from my midwives (all in a folder)
  • phone, charger and headphones
  • labouring dress – I might not be so inclined to strip naked at a hospital
  • hair elastics
  • lip gloss
  • TENS machine  – already rented from our midwives, I plan to use this at home first and will probably use it in the car en route
  • depends (though I’m pretty sure they’ll give me some at the hospital, they did at the birth centre for my first)
  • water bottle
  • snacks – I wasn’t interested in eating at all during labour, but was up for munching after (the birth centre gave me a menu to chose a meal but I didn’t have much of an appetite). I’m thinking I’ll pick up some of those fruit bar things, a protein bar for my husband, a dark chocolate bar, smoothie drink, and cocount water
  • a couple of baby diapers (though pretty sure they’ll provide these)
  • baby outfits – two undershirts, three sleepers (itty bitty, nb, and 0-3 month because I have no idea how big this one will be – my first was itty bitty.  The itty bitty clothes we brought for him were actually too big!), and two hats (again, itty bitty and nb)
  • swaddle blanket
  • slippers/socks
  • something to sleep in
  • toothbrush and toothpaste
  • neutr0gena face wipes
  • comfy pants and a comfy shirt to come home in
  • warm blanket for in the car
  • carseat (obviously!)

I think that’s it. Like I said, I’m not planning to go to the hospital, but you never know.  Just because my first was quick and easy does not mean I’ll be so lucky this time around, though here’s hoping!

GAH I can’t believe I’m nearly 37 weeks already!!!!!!


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