One Year Maternity Leave – Too Long, Too Short, or Just Right?

My sister-in-law went back to work last week after being on maternity leave for just over eight months.  We live in Canada and are incredibly fortunate to get a whole year and she chose to cut it short and return to work early.

I understand her reasons for wanting to do this.  This has been a hard year for her. She was home with her 3 year old and newborn and it was seriously burning her out.  Her three year old is a handful!

So even though I understand, I feel kind of sad for her.  I feel like if she had just kept her three year old in daycare, even just a few days a week, she would have had a very different experience.

But maybe not.

I do know one thing, now that she’s back at work she’s a hell of a lot happier.  She’s more balanced and I even noticed she has more patience with her children.

For some women, working actually makes them better moms.

I think I’m one of those women too.

Having said that, I can’t wait to start my maternity leave!  The year that I got with my son was amazing – after the first three months – and it got even better around the nine month mark.  But by the one year mark, I was ready to go back to work.  Though I would not have wanted him to be in daycare – he was still so little!  So we were really lucky that my husband was then able to be home with him for an additional 10 months.

This is my last week and then I’m off until February 1st 2018 – and not a day sooner!  I may even take more time.  We’ll see how I feel.

My son will be in daycare for three days a week while I’m off.  To me, it wasn’t even a question.  I am going to really enjoy my two days with him, and I’m also going to really enjoy my three days of just me and my little baby girl.

GAH I get to meet my baby girl so soon!!!!!


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