Exciting Stuff Coming Up

I am so excited. My maternity leave starts in less than two weeks (WHATTTT!?) and on my last day of work I’m giving myself a special treat.

I have not been away from my son for a night since he was born.  He’s almost two, so I think it’s time!  My husband has been encouraging me to take a night away as he’s had a few and he raves about how amazing it is to sleep in.  So I’ve booked myself a night in a fancy hotel!

It’s going to be so great.  I work a half day on the 23rd and then I’m going to go with my son and husband to a hotel that is actually just down the street. We’re going to go swimming in the pool and then order room service for dinner.  My husband is then going to take my son home and I am going to enjoy my night off.

My plan is to lay in the king size bed watching tv and eating icecream.  I hope to sleep until at least 9, order breakfast in, and bask in luxury of not having to get out of bed.  If I have time I’ll then go for another swim (can’t wait to swim!  Swimming while pregnant feels so good!) and then my husband will come collect me at around noon.

I’m not due until January 31st (though I’m convinced she’s going to come early) so I’m actually going to have a bit of time before she comes.  We’re still keeping our son in daycare three times a week, so I’ll have a chance to rest and get stuff done.  I’m going to get a massage, get my hair cut, do lots of nesting, and cross a bunch of stuff off my to do list.  I can’t wait!!


2 thoughts on “Exciting Stuff Coming Up

    • tendingtobaby says:

      Thanks!! It’s funny what amazing now sounds like! Before it was backpacking Belize, now it’s a night at a hotel down the street lol #momlife


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