Daycare Transition Began Today

Oh man, what a stressful day it’s been so far.  Today we sent our son, who’s now 21 months old, off to his daycare provider for the first time.  It was only a half day, just to transition him in, but I am feeling it!

Now, we have been incredibly lucky to have been home with him this whole time.  I was with him for a year and my husband has been home with him since my return to work, back in March.  So we have basically never left him with anyone else.  Like, ever.  I think I can count on one hand how many times my parents have been with him alone, and that was never for more than an hour.

So needless to say, it was a little hard for us.

We had to get him in daycare pretty quickly, so we didn’t really do any interviews.  We met with the woman who lives three doors and down and kind of said, this’ll do.  It’s not that I don’t like her (if I didn’t we wouldn’t be going with her), I just don’t know her.  I think that’s the hardest part.  Leaving your child with someone you don’t really know.  I mean, I’ve chatted with her a number of times and we checked out her references and she’s been doing it for a long time, so I’m not worried for his wellbeing or anything.  It’s just hard.

So this morning both my husband and I woke up feeling a bit sad.  When our son got up we had a nice breakfast (I made banana and oatmeal pancakes) and took our time getting ready.  My husband doesn’t start work till Monday and I’m working from home today, so we had time to ease into it.

Because it’s just down the street my husband walked him there.  When I was saying goodbye to my son I told him that he was going to spend a few hours with Mary and that he’d meet a new friend (she has one other boy his age) and that I loved him.

And then the tears came. (Mine, not his).

They left and my husband said the drop off was fine, he didn’t cray and was confused more than anything else.  And I can’t blame the guy really.

She then called 30 minutes later to tell us that he was having fun playing with the other little boy.


And you know what, the morning was kind of awesome.  I got a ton of work done.  The house was quiet.  My husband and I were able to chat without distraction.  I was like, yeah, this is good.

It also made me look forward to January when I’ll be off work and I can really relax.  We’ll be sending him to daycare for three days so I’ll have the house all to myself for those days.  It just might be amazing.

So then at noon my husband went back to get him and when he got there he was crying 😦 Don’t feel so good about that.  He also said he could hear a tv in the background so he asked her, are they watching tv? And she said no, her dad (who we’ve met) was watching a youtube video at the kitchen table.  Hmmmmmm.

This whole thing is so stressful and emotional.  I go back and forth between – this is good, this will be good for all of us – and feeling anxious and super sad and questioning whether it’s the right place for him.

I know it’ll work out. I know it will be good.  It’ll just take us all some time to adjust.



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