Trying to Keep it Simple This Christmas aka No More Stuff!

With Christmas fast approaching my husband and I have started to think about what to get our 21 month old son.  I feel like he already has so much stuff – most of which was handed down to us.  Boxes of cars, legos, building and stacking blocks, musical instruments, balls, and stuffed teddies.  He’s got two Mr. Potatoe Heads (complete with more accessories than I have in my own closet), a farm set (which he loves), a rocking dinosaur, and all kinds of random crap.

So. Much. Stuff.

As a minimalist at heart, I struggle with this.  I also love the Montessori way which focuses on active learning through passive toys.  Big fan of that.  Also big fan of the Montessori space – clean, organized, minimalist.

So upon browsing through Amazon for the toys we can get him, I start to feel, well, a little grinch like.  I start to imagine all this stuff cluttering up our already cluttered living room (well, cluttered to my standards), I think, do we HAVE to get him anything?  Does he really need more stuff?

And then Christmas loving side of me pipes in- YES! Of course we have to get him presents! And YES he needs ALL THE THINGS!

So I go back and forth from adding all of the things to my cart (yes, I will take that play kitchen and throw in wooden foods and toddler sized pots and pans thank you very much), and deleting all of the things from my cart telling myself that Christmas isn’t about the stuff, it’s about creating memories and family time.

…and who am I kidding, it’s also about the presents.

So this is where I’ve landed: I’m totally happy to get him one big present and a few small things.  So  maybe the clunky kitchen thingy, some books, clothes, and a brand new box of kleenex for him to go to town on (if you have a 2 year old you will understand this one).

And instead of letting all this stuff stress me out, I’ve decided to go through his things and put a bunch in storage.  Then every month or so I’ll rotate in a new set of toys – like new!

I think this stress comes in part from the fact that my sister in law just dropped off five – yes, FIVE – giant garbage bags of baby clothes for us.  I feel like I’m drowning in stuff.  And an ever growing to do list (item #33: go through baby clothes and donate 90% of them).


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