Our Dog Doesn’t Like Our Baby

Our dog is a 9 year old black lab/border collie mix and before we had our son he was our baby.  He was always a ‘unique’ dog with some not so admirable qualities which made us wonder how he would be around a baby. For one, he doesn’t like other dogs.  There was a point for a while there where I was so nervous to walk him because he would just lunge at other dogs and I’d be stuck wrestling him away.  And he’s a big so this wasn’t always an easy thing.

Then after the confrontation, he would act extra sweet, licking my hand, looking up at me with his big brown eyes, and jump playing. And this is what he’s like at home.  He’s always been super sweet and affectionate with us and any visitors that we have over.

When I was pregnant with my son, we thought (hoped) that he would treat him like he treats every other person who comes into our house.  And because this little dude was going to be part of our family, we hoped he would see it that way too.

The first few months were fine. He was curious, but not timid or afraid.  He loved to lick his toes and that would make my son giggle.  I thought, this just might work out.

And then when my son was about 4 or 5 months old, he started wanting to interact with the dog.  I was always nearby, but my son was a bit cat-like in the way he would reach out and grab the dogs fur.  Not nice, I know.  And the dog would react.  First by moving away.  Then he started growling – I took this as a warning as though to say ‘don’t touch me’.  But it made me very nervous and I started to separate them more and more.

When my son started moving around the dog got really anxious.  If he was laying down he’d jump up the second he saw my son moving towards him and give a little growl.  Not cool.

And when my son started walking, the dog got even worse. He’s barked at him and my husband claims he snapped at him (I don’t think he did – I think he was just trying to get food out of his hand).

So now the dog is basically confined to areas where my son is not.

My husband hates it. He hates the way our dog treats our son (he really is a dick towards him) and doesn’t trust him at all.  I honestly don’t think our dog would hurt him, but he is an animal and I too don’t trust him.

It got to the point when my husband actually said, how would you feel about getting rid of the dog?


I was like, no. No way.  As much as I hate the situation, he’s still my fur baby.  And it’s been an adjustment for him too.  Besides, no one would take him.  He’s a 9 year old crank.

I really hate the whole thing and it makes me really sad.  Why can’t we all just get along?!


7 thoughts on “Our Dog Doesn’t Like Our Baby

  1. Maybe try sitting down with both of them, while your there being a guard, just let him stroke the dog and form back the bond. I’m not a dog expert but maybe the dog feels threatened or jealous? I feel so bad for you lol such a bad situation your in right now lol


      • You can’t just give up on your pooch! I can understand where he’s coming from though, he’s probably worried that instead of just growling something worse might happen (touch wood and pray it doesn’t) but yeah I do think because you’ve made the effort of separating them, it’s made it more of a power play between them both if that makes sense? Let me know how you get on with the bonding again

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