5 Things That I Need

I was thinking today about the things I need in my life to feel calm, centered, and balanced. These things are:

  1. Clean, uncluttered spaces.

    I look around the room I’m in now, our bedroom, and I see that we most definitely do not have this going on.  Both dressers are stacked with clothes, there are toys on the floor, and my bedside table is littered with books, cups and candles (which I never light).  In fact, I don’t think a single room in our home is clean or uncluttered.

  2. An hour of quiet, me time a day.

    I didn’t get this during the whole year that I was off on maternity leave (he’d only nap on me) and it left me feeling depleted and frazzled.  I need time and space to think, write, do yoga, have a coffee, stare out the window – whatever.  Just time time myself.  And preferably no-tech time, which I haven’t been very good at lately.

  3. Time spent outside, in nature.

    Fresh air! Trees! Sunshine!  All these things feed my soul and make me happy.  I love to just wander and breathe.

  4. Water.

    Long hot showers, bubble baths, oceans, and streams make me feel so good.  In our new home (our ‘one day’ home) I so desperately wish for a giant tub and never ending hot water.  I also dream of the days where I can once again swim in the ocean (no waves though please – I almost died when I got pulled in by an undertow in Costa Rica a few years ago).

  5. Simple, quality time spent with my babies.

    I’m looking forward to breastfeeding again for this reason.  I loved stopping everything and taking the time out to feed my little one.  Only this time, when we both get sleepy, she’ll sleep soundly in her own space while I indulge in me time.

I know I can bring each of these into my day every day.  And I want to prioritize these things and make sure I’m doing what I need to do for myself both when my husband goes back to work and after the baby comes.

I’m curious, what 5 things do you need? And more importantly, are you making them a priority?


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