Home Birth or Birth Centre?

I’ve been thinking more and more about where I want to give birth.  I had a really wonderful experience at the birth centre with my son and would not be opposed to going there again.nBut if I have a home birth, I won’t have to go anywhere.  And that sounds pretty great.

When it comes down to it, there isn’t really much difference between giving birth at home or at a birth centre. Both have:

  • access to most of the same labor aids: TENS machine, nitrous oxide (which I didn’t use for my first and probably won’t this time)
  • the people I want there
  • comfortable environment
  • emergency protocols – I’d trust my midwife to monitor us and get us to the hospital if the need arises

There are some advantages to each though.

Birth Centre Advantages

If I went to the birth centre, it would again (probably) feel like ‘this is happening’.  I did most of my labouring at home, but I kind of felt when I got to the birth centre I was able to go into ‘this is serious’ mode and really focus.  Now, I’m not saying I won’t do this at home, but maybe that was one thing that was good about actually going somewhere.

They also had hanging slings which were crazy super helpful during the pushing stage.  And the tub was pretty amazing (though I’m not going to do another water birth).  Plus, access to a guaranteed hot shower (though I didn’t use it for my first) – our hot water sucks.  Leaving my son with my sister might actually be a good thing because I wouldn’t have any distractions knowing he’s being taken care of.

Home Birth Advantages

The biggest appeal to staying home is not having to go anywhere after the baby is born.  The commute to the birth centre wasn’t horrible (it was only a 10 minute drive), but I was a bit shaken up leaving.  And I felt a bit pressured – though I don’t think anyone was pressuring me – but I remembered reading that you had to leave 3 hours after and so I kept asking, do we need to leave?  My midwife assured me, no, we’d leave when we’re ready, but my overall feeling was that we were just waiting.   So being able to just lie back, completely relax and know that we don’t have to go anywhere would be amazing.  And then my son can come meet his sister right away, how sweet would that be?! (though it’ll be sweet whenever they meet!).

I also have a feeling that this birth is going to be pretty quick.  Well, quicker than my first which was 4.5 hours of active labour.  So it would be nice to not worry about getting somewhere in time.

The Choice

Depending on where my blood platelet count is at, I might not even have a choice.  Last check they were a tad low (at 134 and the range is 150-400) and so if they’ve dropped (hopefully I’ll find out at my midwife appointment tomorrow) then I might have to go to a hospital due to hemorrhaging concerns.  Which wouldn’t be the end of the world.  I’ll do what I have to do.

99 Days to Go: Today’s Challenge

So yesterday I did 10 minutes of meditation, and it was great.  I’d like to do that a lot more! Today I’m feeling like I need to move my body, so after I put my son down I’m going to do this prenatal pilates routine.  It’s a bit long, so I’ll do my best to get through the whole video!


3 thoughts on “Home Birth or Birth Centre?

  1. I gave birth in a center that was attached to a hospital, and loved it! My husband was not comfortable with a home birth at all, so we compromised and did it at a birth center with a midwife and doula. We liked knowing if for some reason there were complications I could just be wheeled into another room instead of having to transfer to a hospital if things got serious.
    Just go with your instincts though, I feel like that’s the best way to decide.


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