Travelling with a 20 Month Old

I have to go visit my family this weekend.  My uncle is not doing well at all and is not expected to live much longer.  It’s all very sad and I want to be there, but getting home is not easy.  I basically have three options:

  1. drive 9 hours
  2. take a four hour train ride and then drive four hours
  3. take a one hour flight then drive for four hours

I always go for option #3.  I enjoy flying and the idea of spending 8 or 9 hours in transit is not ideal to me.  The unfortunate thing is that one hour flight often costs between $300-400 return.  Absurd, I tell you.

So this Friday, my son, my sister and I will be jumping on a plane and making the trek to my parents place.

It’s so complicated travelling with a toddler.  I’ve done this trip with him twice before.  Once when he was three months and once when he was six.  It was no biggie both times.  He was breastfeeding so that made the flight super easy and he was a great car napper so it was actually pretty chill.

He’s a much different child now.

Now he does not sit still. He is very vocal.  And he’s, well, a toddler.

Not to mention the fact that I’m 25 weeks pregnant.

But my sister will be with us and I’m getting my mom to track down some stuff – crib, car seat (I refuse to bring our car seat with us – I don’t trust those luggage handlers!!).  I’ll bring snacks, my laptop for movies, toys, books, UGH SO MUCH STUFF.

Am I crazy to bring him!!??  Probably.   I can leave him with my husband (which is a very real option), but I’m just not ready to spend that much time away from him yet. Plus, I know my family will be so happy to see him.  And I really do think he’ll enjoy it too.

Yay adventure! …?



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