10 Meltdowns in an Hour and a Half

My 19 month old has been dabbling in the extremes lately. He’s either being extremely adorable or extremely frustrating.  And sometimes he’ll flip from one to the other in a matter of seconds.

He keeps things interesting for us to say the least.

I’m having a bit of a hard time handling his moods.  Take this morning for example.

I went into his room at 7 and he was awake and happy.  Jumping in his crib, babbling.  I turned the light on and gave him a book which he then flipped through for 10 minutes.  We read the book together and then he wanted to run.  Telling him I had to change his diaper first was cause for meltdown #1.

After the diaper change we head downstairs for breakfast.  He’s happy rooting through a drawer and playing with a box of garbage bags.  My husband comes up the stairs, says good morning and cue meltdown #2.

He calms down for about three minutes and I give him some water. He wanted milk.  Hence, meltdown #3.

I give him some milk and dance with him in the living room while my husband cuts up some orange for him.  I put him in his highchair and turns out, he doesn’t want oranges this morning.  They go flying across the room as a result of meltdown #4.

(Can I just point out that we’ve only been awake for – oh 30 minutes at this point.)

He decides to eat, which is great, so we enjoy some oatmeal with blueberries and milk, cottage cheese, and a few more oranges together.  I go in the kitchen to make my lunch and cut up veggies for dinner (slow cooked soup – yum!) and he plays (mashes his remaining food onto his tray) happily.  I bring over a paper towel to wipe down his tray and, yes, you guessed it – meltdown #5.

He’s actually ok with getting his face and hands cleaned and is very cooperative with my husband as they get dressed for the day.  We enjoy 15 minutes of happy baby – until it’s time to go.  It’s only a mini-meltdown getting him out the door.  Getting him into his carseat is the cause for meltdown #6.

The entire drive into work: meltdowns 7, 8, 9 and 10.


He was like this all weekend guys.

It’s awful to say, but I’m actually happy it’s Monday and that I’m at work.  I just can’t deal with that all day.  My husband deserves a freaking medal.

How are we going to survive with another baby in the picture in a few short months??!!!


3 thoughts on “10 Meltdowns in an Hour and a Half

    • tendingtobaby says:

      I think teething might be our culprit here too .. trying to be compassionate to this situation but man oh man, some days. Good news, today is a new and better day , hope it has been for you too 🙂


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