How I Spent My Friday Night

I follow a couple of moms on Youtube and haven’t been keeping up with their new videos.  Tonight I decided I’d get cozy in my bed and catch up.

Yup, this is how I spent my Friday night, in my pjs by 7pm, watching youtube videos in bed!

So one of the moms, Emily, just had her third baby boy and she posted the most wonderful birth video.  She had a home birth and was only in labour for three hours – and she looked fabulous the whole time!

How gorgeous are they!?  And that high that she talked about after giving birth, I remember that!  I was in no way as calm as she was afterwards.  I remember feeling rather shocked and very shaky.

I can’t believe I’m going to do that all again in a few short months!

I then watched her two week update, which had me in tears.

It was so good to be reminded of the sweet beautiful newborn days.  I’ve been so stressed out lately thinking about my husband potentially going back to work and not being home that I have kind of forgotten how amazing and wonderful it is to be able to give life.



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