22 Weeks Along

I haven’t posted a pregnancy update in a little while.  Life got a little busy there and I’ve just been so tired.

I have not been sleeping well at all.

Two night ago I laid awake all.night.long.  Then last night I tossed and turned and by the look of me today I must not have got more than four hours.

Plus I have a cold.

But other than that… things are good.  The little one was kicking up a storm in there last night! I even saw my belly jump, which I’m pretty sure didn’t happen till much later along with my son.  It’s so cool to see!

I had a midwife appointment this week.  There are a couple of concerns.  One is that my blood platelets are low.  She said this could be a problem in regards to hemorrhaging.  (That doesn’t look like the right spelling there..).   So yeah, she said they will be very watchful of bleeding and will take extra precautions based on this info.  If they drop any lower I may have to reconsider a home birth.  Oh, and there’s nothing I can do about it.  So yeah..

The second concern is that my last ultrasound showed a soft marker for trisomy 18, but my midwife said they tend to resolve themselves.  I’m pretty sure we saw the same thing with my son, so I’m not concerned, but we have decided to do another ultrasound to see if they’re still there in a few weeks.

In other news, we painted the nursery!  I kind of let my husband take the lead on this one and we went with a soft green.  I don’t love it.  I don’t hate it.  I’m sure it’ll all come together in the end.

And my husband is planning to apply for a job.  This may be a post all on its own because I have many feelings around him not being home (as planned) for those first few months.  I’ve started to put together a postpartum plan which involves hiring a postpartum doula, but yeah, more on that another day.

Speaking of work, mine has been a little stressful lately.  Probably not helping my no sleep situation.  Hopefully things quiet down soon!

So yeah, that’s pretty much where I’m at at 22 weeks.  I’m still not really exercising.  Food is still not appealing (wtf is up with that?!).  And little one is grow-grow-growing!

All in all I’m feeling tired, a tad stressed, but hopeful.


4 thoughts on “22 Weeks Along

  1. Valerie says:

    I’m sure sorry about the lack of sleep – insomnia is miserable! I definitely started sleeping better once Elizabeth was born. I hope that changes for you soon. XO
    And I’m not sure if we discussed platelets before, but mine were low as well in both my third and fourth pregnancies. They were never dangerously low, but I had to have hospital births to be on the safe side. I still had a completely natural, drug-free birth with #3, though! And I would have with #4 too except that her position wouldn’t allow her to come down any further. So, even if the numbers dictate a hospital birth for you, just know that it can still be the birth you want. 🙂
    By the way, I hope I didn’t scare you off (or offend you) by the comment I left about my mom and me. :/
    I’m glad baby’s doing well!


    • tendingtobaby says:

      Oh no you didn’t at all!! I am honestly still processing the idea of a girl and it’s one of those things that i just feel like I have so much to say and not sure where to begin. 🙂 I really appreciated your comment and I’m sorry for not responding!!

      And yah, the sleep thing is so bad! I didn’t sleep again last night. It started when my husband said he wanted to apply for a job (that I”m pretty sure he’ll get) so I need to *try* to stop overthinking it so much and deal with it/make a plan once we know what’s what. Ugh.

      This platelets thing – what a pain! I really don’t want to go to the hospital! My experience at the birth centre was just so amazing and I’d want to either have that again or be at home. But like you said, even if I do go the hospital route, it doesn’t mean I can’t still have a great birth experience xx

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      • Valerie says:

        Oh good! I really didn’t know how I had come across – probably kinda crazy, lol! ((hugs)) I know how difficult it can be to wrap one’s mind around something like becoming a mom to a certain gender. But the fact that you CARE how you’re going to be with your sweet daughter is going to carry you through, I just know it! ❤

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