Things I’m Excited About

I’m now 20 weeks pregnant and the more I think about this little girl joining our family, the more excited I get.

These are a few of the things I’m most excited about:

  • introducing her to her big brother – not sure my heart will be able to handle it!
  • baby cuddles
  • wearing her in a wrap (again, baby cuddles!!)
  • breastfeeding again – provided all goes well!  There were some bad days with this too, for sure, but overall I really loved nursing my son
  • newborn (gassy) smiles
  • all of the baby firsts
  • seeing her interact with her brother
  • my husband, son, daughter and I living in our baby bubble – my husband is a stay at home dad right now and plans to go back to work three months postpartum, so I’m really looking forward to that family time we get
  • being off work for a whole year!  I love my job, but having a year off is pretty amazing!
  • not being pregnant anymore – I swear I enjoyed being pregnant so much more with my son. I don’t remember feeling so icky, tired, and just blah.  And now that sciatic pain has hit (too early!!) I’m really not enjoying this as much as I would have liked to
  • decorating the nursery – we’re going to paint in a few weeks and get a crib and all that fun stuff
  • all the love!!  Our house is going to be so full of love it’ll be ridiculous.

Of course there are some things I’m not looking forward to, but I’d like to keep my thoughts happy for now 🙂

Happy Friday everyone!!!!!


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