Pregnancy Progress Report: Week 19

This was a big week because we got to see our little GIRL in an ultrasound, which is always amazing.

She (ahhhh so nice to be able to say SHE) is now 15 cm- about the size of a mango – and working on some serious sensory development.  Her hair is coming in, though if she’s anything like her brother she’ll be a baldy till she’s 14  months 🙂

19 Week Update

Workouts: This was a lazy week for me.  I watched a lot of netflix. I didn’t do any yoga.  I barely walked.  Gonna get on that this week…

Symptoms:  Hello allergies!!!  It’s the worst!  I’m sneezing and my throat and ears are crazy itchy.  Also, my boobs have been hurting a lot this week.   And my mood is still all over the place – happy then irritated then sad then angry.  Fun times over here.

Food Aversions: None but food isn’t really that appealing, which sucks!

Food Cravings: I don’t really feel like eating anything, it’s so weird.  With my first I wanted sausages, salad, and grapefruit.  I am liking icecream, but I wouldn’t go so far as to say I’m craving it.

Sleep: Still not great.  I wake up so easily and have a  hard time falling back asleep.

Miss Anything?  A glass of wine would be nice.

Fun and/or Interesting Things from the Week: Finding out it’s a girl was a big moment!  We’re now mulling over names, but more about that in another post 🙂


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