It’s a GIRL!

We just found out this morning that it’s a girl!!  We’re going to have a baby girl!!  My son is going to have a sister!! I am just so full of emotion over this right now.

(Just for the record I would have been over the moon ecstatic if it were a boy too lol)

I really feel so happy. When she said, ‘it’s a girl’ tears streamed down my cheeks and I thought I was going to full out bawl right there on the ultrasound table!  My heart is so full.

I feel like now that we know we can really start picturing our life, our little family, and what it will mean for our son to have a sister.

I just might cry again.

And then there’s all the practical stuff: we can think of names (we’re both happy with one we picked but there’s lots of time to mull it over), nursery colours, and OOOOHHH all the little girl clothes!!  So obviously she’s going to be dressed in a lot of boy hand me downs, but dresses!!  And bows!!!  I’m not even the girlie type, but there are just so many cute girl clothes out there!

I’m going to have a daughter.

Oh boy.  I’m going to need some time to sit with this.  So many thoughts, feelings, emotions around the whole mother/daughter dynamic.  Just this weekend I was all in a huff about my own mother and the things she’s said and done.  Hasn’t said, hasn’t done.  Based on my own experience and relationship with my mom, I feel like there’s more pressure on me to be a great mom and a positive role model.  As though having a girl is a bigger challenge for some reason.  Boys come with challenges too, no doubt, but I feel like boys are easier.  Is that crazy??

I want so much for my children – regardless of their sex and I’m just going to be the best mom that I can be to both my babies.

I’m so excited to meet this little one.  She’s going to be so loved.


5 thoughts on “It’s a GIRL!

  1. Valerie says:

    Oh my word!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I’m off to the doctor but I will comment later about the mom thing because I’m in a similar situation with mine. :/
    SO happy for you! XO


      • Valerie says:

        Well, I must apologize for not coming back and commenting like I said I would. I didn’t forget… I’ve thought about your post so many times since you wrote it but I couldn’t bring myself to return until now. It’s a hard subject for me to talk about. 😦 My mom is the reason I’m not really able to be affectionate with my children. Even though I love them dearly, it’s like I’m unable to act as maternal as I feel. She is neurotic and worries constantly, she is a perfectionist and is always stressed. She can’t see beyond her own world and problems. So I am not included in her thoughts or plans unless I contact her. Neither are my children. This has bothered me so many times over the years, sometimes not than others, but currently I’m too busy (literally) to spend much time on it. But I still do at times.
        I have a great relationship with my sixteen year old daughter and I think it’s purely because we talk – really talk – every day. There is nothing off limits. She is absolutely my best friend! Even though I hardly ever touch her (it’s hard for me to hug and even harder for me to kiss my kids), I have talked to her about the reason. And I think I make up for it by our conversations and experiences together. I hope…


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