Pregnancy Progress Report: Week 18

Well I have to say this week has been way better in terms of my mood.  I feel much happier, much more stable.  Worried still, yes, but overall way better!

The little one is now 14 cm – the size of a bell pepper!  And kick kick kicking.  I love it so much.  My belly is growing and I’m feeling pretty good.

18 Week Update

Workouts: Not a whole lot of yoga this week but I have been working to stretch my hip flexors every night.  And walking.  And my husband and I have planned to go to the gym every Saturday morning together.  First ‘date’ is this Saturday, we’ll see how that goes!

Symptoms:  I’m happy to report that my skin is looking glowy!  So that’s fun.  My digestive system on the other hand, no so fun.  I’ve been getting a bit of round ligament pain and my hips…oh my poor hips, already!  And my eyes – this didn’t happen with my first but my vision has been all messed up.  Apparently that’s normal?

Food Aversions: All good to go!

Food Cravings: This week I haven’t been craving anything.  In fact, food has not even been appealing to me.  What’s the fun in being pregnant if you can’t indulge in those cravings!!

Sleep: So so bad.  I think it’s safe to say that I have pregnancy insomnia.  Takes me forever to fall asleep and then I wake really easily only to be left tossing and turning for what feels like hours again.

Miss Anything?  Nothing really this week.  A good night’s sleep maybe.

Fun and/or Interesting Things from the Week: This week flew by!  I’ve been feeling a lot more kicks and had a rather disappointing midwife appointment (they haven’t received my genetic testing results which I did 5 weeks ago).  Got a new book from the library.  My son is now 18 months old!!!  And he’s been sleeping like crazy and chatting up a storm (no real english words yet but man he’s chatty in that odd language of his!).


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