Pregnancy Progress Report: Week 15


Well, I think it’s safe to say that I’ve popped.  With my first I didn’t show until about 20 weeks, but here I am sporting a nice belly at 15 weeks.  And I love it 🙂

I had my midwife appointment last Wednesday and I was hoping to get the results from the genetic testing, but they hadn’t come in yet.  They said they’d call if anything was amiss, so no news is good news I guess.  (Though I really do wish they’d call anyways.)

So according to this pregnancy website, the little one in there is no longer a lemon!!  They are now the size of a navel orange.  And they’re moving around in there (which I totally felt this week!!  yay!!).

15 Week Update

Workouts: Lots of walking, stretching, chasing my toddler around.  I didn’t get back to that yoga class, though I do have big plans to.

Symptoms: So my joints are already swelling and I can no longer wear my wedding rings.  This is another thing that didn’t happen till much later for my first, but oh well.  Hopefully the stiffness doesn’t kick in.  Heartburn was better this week.  Mood’s a little meh.  Dreams are still crazy.  And you know what else is crazy, the size of my boobs.  It’s like overnight they just expanded.  Oh and I’m feeling some not so fun pelvic/hip soreness (must. do. yoga.).

Food Aversions: I had a piece of pineapple the other day and felt nauseous.  And I still can’t drink water.  Ugh.

Food Cravings: Food is still amazing.  I’m especially into icecream, olives, french fries, and melty cheese.  Super healthy, I now.  I’m not taking prenatal vitamins (didn’t with my first either, I just can’t swallow those giant pills and they don’t make chewables in Canada) so I’ve been forcing down salads and the like.

Sleep: Not so great.  I toss and turn so much and get up at least once in the night to pee.  But I wake up feeling ok, so that counts for something.  Also, I can no longer nap, which makes me sad.  I love napping.

Miss Anything?  Not really.

Fun and/or Interesting Things from the Week: I felt little movements!!!  It’s the best feeling, it really is.  I can sit for hours just watching and feeling my belly.  There’s a little person in there!!!


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