Pregnancy Progress Report: Week 14

Some sites say that the second trimester begins at week 13.  Some say week 14.  Some even say week 15.  I’m going to go with week 14.

Which means: HELLO SECOND TRIMESTER!  It’s very nice to see you!

So according to this pregnancy website, the little one in there is about nine centimetres.  They say it’s the size of a lemon – but they said lemon for week 12 too, so I’m done with the fruit comparisons. But I need a feature image, so whatever, we’re back to lemons.

They have hair now and are starting to do some pretty cool things, like grasp, squint, frown, and grimace.  (What a fun word, grimace.)

14 Week Update

Workouts: Ooooh much better this week!  I got my butt to a prenatal yoga class and it was great.  I did feel dizzy and had to sit down at one point, but I’m super motivated to do it again.  I’ve also been walking every day.  And cleaning, organizing, moving furniture..which brings me to…

Symptoms: I think I’m nesting already!!  I have this crazy urge to suddenly throw out a ton of stuff and become a minimalist.  And so this week I did just that.  I went through cupboards, closets, and drawers and got rid of so much stuff.  It felt so good!  What other symptoms?  Hmmm… I’m dealing with some heartburn.  Nothing crazy, but it’s threatening to attack hard.  I want so desperately to feel baby movements, but I don’t think I’ve felt any yet.  Pretty sure it’s just been my digestive system grumbling.  I’m still pretty tired, but I think that’s just par for the course with full time work and a toddler.  Oh and the dreams!!  They are some new kind of crazy.

Food Aversions: Water, again, has not been my friend.  It makes me so queazy it’s really the most annoying thing because I’m sooooo thiiiiiirrrsssty and I’m fed up with sugary drinks.  I seem to be doing OK with lemon in water.  Not great, but OK.

Food Cravings: I love all of the foods.  This week nachos have been a big hit.  Anything with melty cheese, really.

Sleep: I’m starting to get a tad uncomfortable.  I turned onto my stomach last night because I was so sick of tossing and turning and I felt some pain in my right side.  I then googled things I should not have been googling at midnight.  So yeah, I’m now sleeping with about six pillows and it seems to be doing the trick.  I have a feeling things are going to go downhill in the sleep department very quickly.

Miss Anything?  Not really. This has been a great week.

Fun and/or Interesting Things from the Week: Getting out to yoga was a big deal.  I’d been wanting to do that for so long.  And I just feel good, finally.  My son is so amazing and I’m just loving this time with my family.  I have a midwife appointment today, so I’ll be getting the results from my screening stuff (fingers crossed).  Also hopefully get to hear the heartbeat today.  I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow 🙂


2 thoughts on “Pregnancy Progress Report: Week 14

  1. Valerie says:

    Yay for a great week! Decluttering is so much fun. I’ve been a minimalist for a few years now (though you might not think so if you saw all my baby stuff!) and it makes cleaning and keeping up with things so much easier (not easy but easier).
    Sorry about the water aversion!! That stinks. :/


    • tendingtobaby says:

      YAY! 🙂 My husband and I live pretty minimally, but we always seem to have stuff to get rid of! And yes, the baby stuff does pose a problem with this whole minimalist thing!

      Liked by 1 person

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