Things I will do differently this labour

So because this will be baby #2 for us, I’m going into this whole birth thing with a little less imagining and a better sense of how things could actually go.

Although the way I imagined my first was pretty bang on to how it happened.

I had a really wonderful experience and I would be so happy if all goes as well as it did first time around.  But because there are lessons learned and experiences gained, there are a few things I would like to do differently.  Such as:

  1. Have a plan for tracking contractions. 
    My husband was tracking my contractions, but because I was pretty quiet about them I wasn’t exactly letting him know when they started.  As a result, he would start the timer at the peak of my contraction and not at the start and I knew I was progressing quicker than the timer said.
  2. Call the midwife sooner.
    This ties into point #1.  He was hesitant to call the midwife because as far as he knew I had only been in labour since I woke him up at 6am (really it started at 2am and got intense at 4am though I was not in the mood to communicate this to him) and according to the timer, they weren’t close together.  By the time we called the midwife, and got to the birth centre I was already 6cm.  I gave birth 2 hours after arriving at the birth centre.  Also, I was GBS positive and we didn’t have time to do the antibiotics.  Which wasn’t a big deal, but yeah.  If we’re going to do this at home, I need to make sure that she is there in plenty of time!
  3. Try for a home birth.
    Which brings me to point three.  Now, I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to deliver at home or at the birth centre again, but when I do imagine it, I am at home.  Only the tub that’s at the birth centre is magically transported to my home.
  4. Have a bag ready.
    I gave birth a week early and I had the stuff together, just not in a bag.  My husband ended up throwing all the stuff (plus some random things I had near the pile) in two small plastic grocery bags before we darted out the door! haha  I prefer to be a bit more organized, so yeah, I’ll have it all ready and good to go just in case the home birth plan doesn’t pan out.
  5. No water birth.
    I gave birth to my son in the water.  For some this sounds like a dream.  I did not plan it and I will not do it again.  For a couple of reasons.  OK, so labouring was amazing and I would love to do the brunt of it in the water again.  But I would the actual birth part to happen on dry land. First off, I found it hard to hold him (I needed to keep him in the water to keep him warm) and relax.  This time around I want to just be able to relax back and have my baby on my chest.  Also, they had to take the baby from from me so that I could get out of the water to deliver the placenta (you can do it in water, I didn’t want to).  And, when I got out I was freezing.  I was shaking and even with the heated blankets it took me forever to warm up.
  6. No doula.
    My doula…oh what a disappointment.  She didn’t believe that I was in labour when we called.  We asked her to bring the TENS machine and by the time she showed up at our house we were already on our way to the birth centre.  She showed up all flustered and was overly apologetic.  Like, she just wouldn’t let it go.  She went on and on about it.  She then made super weird noises while I was labouring (lots of humming and hawwwing).  And she took pictures when my husband specifically asked her not to.  Now I know all these things are about her specifically and every doula is different, but at the end of the day, it really comes down to the fact that I just didn’t need a doula. I kind of went inside myself and my husband was an amazing support.  I really should have saved the 800 bucks.
  7. Have more snacks.
    I was given a meal after the birth but I really didn’t feel like eating a whole lot.  I felt like having dried fruit and nuts and some toast.  So I think I’d rather just have snacks on hand.  This will be easy if I’m at home 🙂
  8. Relax about breastfeeding.
    So with my first I wanted to try nursing him right away.  Probably too soon.  It did not go well.  It didn’t go well for the first few days.  So this time I’m going to be more patient with it and just try to relax.

I know this sounds crazy, but I’m looking forward to doing this again.  It was such an amazing experience and I can’t wait to see this new little baby for the first time.  Just the thought of it makes me weepy happy.

Not looking forward to the recovery so much, but it’s all worth it.  It’s so worth it.

I just really really hope things go as well as they did the first time.  I’m going to really start back with my yoga and meditation practices, and just keep doing the positive birth affirmations and hope for the best.  If things don’t go as well, well, I have an awesome midwife and I trust that no matter what all will be OK.



One thought on “Things I will do differently this labour

  1. Glad to hear I’m not the only one who’s probably not going to do a water birth. We’re doing it at home and you can rent birthing tubs and just buy a liner, but imagining a hose hooked up to my bathroom sink and completely draining all the hot water out of the water heater -twice- to fill it up just seems like it would get cold in a hurry like you said. Latin seeing the pictures of people’s houses completely decked out in plastic like an episode of Dexter, I dunno. If we had some magic huge awesome jacuzzi tub for me to relax in beforehand that be awesome but we have a stand up shower and the world’s smallest bathroom so there you go.


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