That Frumpy Stage in Pregnancy

I am now 13 weeks pregnant and am in that weird phase where my clothes don’t really fit, but I’m too small for maternity pants.  I don’t quite look pregnant yet.  Instead I just look like I have a big extra around my tummy.

Which is making me feel a bit frumpy.

Now, if you saw the pictures I posted of myself in my week 13 update I know you’ll read this and think, she’s just crazy.  Because, yes, I am slim.  But I’ve always believed it’s way way way more important to pay attention to how you feel, rather than how you look.  And this morning while dressing for work, I felt frumpy.

I also think it’s really important to not dwell on these feelings of insecurity.  Instead I stored away those pants that no longer fit and slipped on a fab skirt (with an elastic waistband – yes!), untucked my shirt, and reminded myself that I’m growing a baby.

And that my body is so fucking amazing.



One thought on “That Frumpy Stage in Pregnancy

  1. I’ve already got a bit around the middle so I’m not stressin’ 🙂 But I wear stretchy things more because during weeks 5-6 I had a lot of what I call “gross belly button twinges” which felt like I was being poked inside the BB half the time so I didn’t want anything rubbing anywhere near my BB 🙂


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