My 17 Month Old Little Boy

My son is changing so much these days.  He’s now 17 months old (about that age when I stop counting and reporting how old he is in months – a woman once told me that her child was 32 months old.  Seriously lady?  Don’t make me do math.) – where was I?  Oh yes, he’s 17 months old – about a year and a half – and now that the two week temper tantrum tornado seems to have passed, I am again thoroughly enjoying his company.

He’s done a few new things this month.

He laughed at something that was on tv.  I know that doesn’t sound like a big thing but oh man it was the cutest thing.

He also has been different at bed time.  I used to rock him and sing/hum to him until he was sleepy, but last night he rested his head on my shoulder and when I started humming he popped his head up and started humming along with me.  And then he touched my lips and covered my face with slobbery kisses.

He’s still a ham, but in even bigger ways now.  Like yesterday, I say ‘say mom’, he says ‘dad’.  I say ‘no, mom’, again ‘dad’.  Then I say louder ‘mom mom mom’ and he yells ‘DAD DAD DAD’.   And then he laughed.

He is now wanting to do a lot more on his own, like put his shoes on and take them off.  He’s got the taking them off part down pat.

His favourite things to play with right now are little toy cars.  We got a whole box of them from a friend of ours and he played with them for an hour yesterday!

I think it’s the coolest thing to see a person go from a helpless newborn to an independent little person with such a big personality.


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