Birth Affirmation: I Am Not Afraid

When I was pregnant with my son, as part of my preparation for birth I wrote out birth affirmations.  Now some people just repeat the affirmation, but I preferred to write out all my thoughts and feelings around the phrase so that I could really own it.

I went into the birth confident, calm, and I brought my son into the world just as I had imagined (I was lucky!).

Here is what I wrote for the affirmation ‘I am not afraid’.

I am not afraid.

I know that there is nothing to be afraid of.  Childbirth is a very natural process and my body was designed to do this.  It’s not like I’m walking into a situation that is potentially dangerous or that I might regret.  This is all for my baby.

Now obviously there will be pain, but I can handle it.  It’s my own body doing it.  I’m not being subjected to some outside pain.  This is pain with purpose and I will breathe through each contraction and know that each contraction brings me closer to meeting my son.  To seeing him for the first time and kissing his little fingers.  How can I be afraid of something that will bring such an amazing prize at the end?  

I can’t wait to meet him and that is the true feeling behind this whole thing, not fear.  

I trust my body and I trust the support team I have around me.  My husband would never let anything bad happen.  My doula will be there to guide and support me and make me feel comfortable and strong and completely capable.  My midwives have done this a million times and I trust their ability to deliver my baby in the way that he is meant to be come.  And if complications do arise, I trust them to handle it accordingly.

If complications do arise, then so be it.  I will obviously do everything in my power to have a safe and healthy birth, but if it comes down to it and we do need to go to the hospital, then there is really no other place that I’d rather be.

But I truly believe that this will be a beautiful birth.  I will take each contraction as it comes.  I will use my comfort measures and when the time comes I will go inside myself and breathe my baby boy out.  I will bask in the natural hormones that my body will release to help.  I will not linger on how long it takes.  I will trust the process and distract myself in the beginning, not focusing too much on whether or not I’m in labour.  

When I do approach active phase we will make our way to the beautiful birth centre for a calm, relaxing birth.  I will spend a lot of time in the bath, opening, breathing, relaxing.  My husband will be with me the whole time and together, when the time is right, we will welcome our son to the world.  

I am not afraid of the pain.  I am not afraid of the process.  I am not afraid that there will be complications.  I am not afraid to let go.   I am not afraid of the recovery.  

I am excited to meet my son.  I am looking forward to seeing what I can handle.  I am ready to meet this challenge and come out a changed woman.  I am ready to be a mother.


8 thoughts on “Birth Affirmation: I Am Not Afraid

  1. What a beautiful birthing affirmation! It is so true and you can do it. God has created your body to do it. We have been blessed to have a husband-coached natural child birth six times for each of our six blessings. I would do it all over again too! Enjoy the journey. Be blessed and encouraged.


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