Pregnancy Progress Report – Week 12

Week 12!!! Woohoo!!  This has been a much better week than last.  And my belly is starting to show!  It’s a little bump, but it’s there!  My pants are getting too tight, to the point where this morning I pulled out my fat pants – you know, those pants you put on the top of your shelf just incase you gain a few extra pounds.  Or get pregnant again.  It’s kind of a weird stage because I’m too small for maternity pants but my jeans are too tight.  And I refuse to do that hair tie through the button trick – I just feel like I’m walking around with my pants undone.  No thanks.

So according to this pregnancy website, the little one in there is still about the size of a lemon (hu? pretty sure it grew from last week, but whatever).  And they can now respond to my pokes which I witnessed first hand on the ultrasound yesterday.

12 Week Update

Workouts: I went walking a few days this week and have been trying to get in some evening stretches.  I need to do this more as I can feel my sides tightening.

Symptoms: Thank god my mood has improved!  Last week was the worst. I even took Friday off because I was sad.  I was so sad!!  But not this week.  I’m feeling pretty happy.  Well, not angry and weepy, so that’s an improvement!  My digestive system on the other hand, not happy.  Oh and my face is breaking out a bit which never happened with my first.  I’ve also been having a bit of backache, but I think that has more to do with my 16 month old growing and less to do with the pregnancy.

Food Aversions: Still eating everything.  Water is still iffy though which really sucks.

Food Cravings: OK so I thought I was craving french fries, turns out it’s just potatoes!  So I’ve been eating the healthier versions of fries – mashed and roasted potatoes yum!  Klondike bars were a big hit this week.  I ate three on Saturday.  THREE.  No wonder my pants are getting tight 😉

Sleep: Better, but I’m having the hardest time falling asleep.  I’m at that point where I probably shouldn’t be sleeping on my tummy anymore, and so I flip flop from one side to the other waiting to get comfortable.  I’m also not able to nap anymore, which is OK.

Miss Anything?  Wine.

Fun and/or Interesting Things from the Week: I had an ultrasound this week, so that was exciting.  I can drink coffee again, also exciting.  My son has been a real handful this week – he’s been extremely fussy/whiney/cry-y for some reason.  I blame teething, a cold and just plain old growing.  Poor dude – he’s got a lot going on.  Other than that…I told a few more people at work and have been getting the best reactions. Hugs and smiles and real genuine happiness for us.  It’s so nice 🙂  I’ve also told two random people in the park and some guy I work with who I barely know.  I seriously can’t stop blabbing about it!!  But, I’ve decided not to make the big social media announcement until after we find out the sex.  That way I’ll have a bigger pump for a nice photo and we can say that our son is getting a brother/sister.


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