Stuff for the New Baby

Oh baby stuff.  When I went into my first pregnancy my husband and agreed that we wouldn’t go crazy buying all the things.  We deplore stuff and we wanted to go about the whole baby thing as minimally as possible.

We were super lucky to get a lot of stuff handed down to us, but it was still surprising how long our list still was!

As I compile this list for the second time around, I’m shocked again at how much is on here.   Luckily we can just reuse a lot of the stuff we had from our first.

Alright, so here we go….


  • Crib – Probably won’t need this right away.  I’m still trying to decide where le babe will sleep.  The more I think about it, the more I think I’ll cosleep again.  It was just so much easier.  I do plan to get them in their crib around three months though.
  • Sheets – We have a bunch from my son, so we don’t need to buy new ones.
  • Mattress protecting thingy – I can’t think of what these are called.  We put one in my sons crib and I realized very early on that we needed one on our bed!  He spit up so much, putting a cloth under his head just didn’t cut it.
  • Humidifier – Our house is crazy dry in the winter.  I don’t think my son will need one anymore, so we may be OK with just the one.
  • White noise machine – We use a fan in my sons room, but I think I’d like to get away from this with the second.  I have this weird paranoia about running the fan all night.  Like it will catch on fire or something (I’m a little crazy sometimes).  Plus, a white noise machine would be better in the winter.
  • Pacifiers – I know this doesn’t seem like a sleep thing, but when we introduced them to my son they helped him (at first) to sleep on his own.
  • Swaddle blankets – I won’t use these if we cosleep, but when we move them into their crib they will probably come in handy then.  I like the SwaddleMe and Aden and Anais ones (plus the A and A ones worked great as breastfeeding covers).
  • Baby monitor – We have a cheap one, but I think this time around I’m going to get one of those things you clip onto the baby and it beeps if they stop moving.  Or maybe I’ll get a video monitor.  Anything to reduce my anxiety!


  • Nipple cream – Yum!  But seriously, an absolute must have for the breastfeeding mama.  I didn’t use more than a tube (you only need a little) but it really helped to prevent any cracking etc.
  • Frozen peas – When my milk came in I was so engorged I shoved frozen peas down my shirt.  Sexy, I know but oh man, the relief!!
  • Breast pump – I have one and do not look forward to using it again.
  • Bottles – We’re going to need new ones.
  • Nursing bras – I have a bunch and don’t need new ones.
  • Breast pads – I didn’t use these much with my first, but they were good to have on hand.  I have a lot left over so I’m good here.
  • Backup formula – We had some on hand with my son, just in case.  We never used it but it’s good to have.
  • Burp cloths – We have a bunch but I’ll probably get more.  We had these strewn all over the house.  Our son was a major spitter and we ran through these like crazy.
  • Bottled water – This is for me.  I plan to keep a stash next to the chair in the baby’s room and next to our bed.  I was crazy thirsty.


  • Paint – We need to paint that room.  I guess this isn’t a newborn must have, but it’s on my list of things I need to get.
  • Curtains – We’re going to get real blackout curtains this time around.  Right now we have garbage bags taped to our sons window.  Very getto.
  • Chair – We’re just going to move the chair from my sons room into the nursery.
  • Bins – We’re going getto with our second and not buying a dresser.  Instead I’m keeping the desk in the closet (trust me, it looks OK) and am going to use nice bins for their clothes, which will fit in the desk shelves.  So I need some nice bins.
  • Art work – I’ll probably get four small prints and one big one to match whatever colour scheme I chose.
  • Change pad – My son will still be in diapers so we’ll need another one of these.
  • Change pad cover – I think I’ll buy two.  We only have one for my son and it would be nice to change it more often haha.
  • Diaper bin – We probably won’t get another one.  We bought the Ubbi and it’s amazing.  This is an absolute must have!!
  • Laundry bin – I’ll probably get one that matches the colour scheme.

Play/Out and About

  • Car seat – Obviously a must.
  • Wraps and carriers – I’m hoping my sister-in-law can lend me her woven wrap again, it was amazing.  If not, then I may just splurge and buy one (they are freaking expensive!!).  We have an ergo with the infant insert as well, so we will for sure be using this a lot again.  I would also like to get some suck pads this time around.
  • Stroller – We have one but may trade it in for a double stroller.  We’ll see where we’re at.
  • Diaper bag – Mine is not fancy at at.  In fact I’m happy with a backpack.
  • Bouncy chair – We didn’t get one for our son until later on and this was one thing I want earlier.
  • Activity mat – We still have ours and will for sure be using it a lot.
  • Rattles, soft toys, etc – We have a ton of this stuff, so I don’t plan on buying any new toys. Plus newborns really don’t need any more stimuli.  Everything is interesting to them.


  • White onesies – We used these a lot under shirts and pants.  It’s cold here in Canada and they helped keep him warm.  And contain blowouts.
  • Pajamas – All they really need to wear is the footies, so we had a bunch of these.
  • A few cute outfits – Because pictures.  Obviously.  Really don’t need a lot here though, they will probably not be comfortable and newborns get changed so frequently.
  • Warm snowsuite thing – This baby will be born in the coldest month, so if I plan to leave the house with them (which I do), I’ll need to have them bundled.
  • Hats – Two will do.  We just used these when going outside, we didn’t put a hat on him in the house.
  • Scratch mittens – A lot of the jammies come with the sratch mittens attached, but still handy to have.  Those little nails are like tallons!  And so tricky to cut (ahem, nibble off) in the first few weeks.
  • Bibs – Not for eating but for teething.  Guess it depends on how early they start to teeth, so probably don’t need these right away.  But when the teething starts, oh man it’s drooly!!


  • Newborn and size one diapers – We have some left over newborn diapers so we probably won’t buy more unless we need them.  We may get a box of one’s.  I found it really wasn’t a big deal to just go out and get some though.
  • Wipes – We’re going to need a lot more wipes!
  • Diaper cream – I think we’ve gone through three tubes in total for my son and he’s 16 months now.
  • Baby wash – We didn’t bath our son for I think three days after he was born, and even then we only used water for the first little while.  And then we started using the baby stuff.
  • Baby washcloths – These were super handy for us.  We didn’t use the baby towels at all, just normal towels.
  • Baby tub – Most of the time I just bathed with him, but when I didn’t feel like it it was super handy to have the bath.  Which we still have.
  • Grapeseed oil – This came in handy for cradle cap and a protective layer on their newborn bum as they work on the meconium.
  • Thermometer – We have one but I think we’ll get a new one as it doesn’t really work that well.
  • Birth recovery things – Hemorrhoid cream (again, sexy, I know), witch hazel soaked maxi pads that have been put in the freezer, peri bottle, depends, and lots of kleenex.  It’s a glamorous phase, let me tell you.

Oh my god this list!!!!  Look at all that stuff!  And I’m not even sure if I captured it all.  I may refer back to this later in my pregnancy and add to it.

Like I said, luckily we already have a lot of this shit, so I really shouldn’t worry too much.


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