First Trimester Scan

I had an ultrasound this morning.  There’s baby in there!!  It’s always exciting to get the opportunity to see the little person that you know is growing inside of you but can’t feel quite yet.

They seem to be doing very well in there.  Arms moving, legs kicking, body bouncing.  They actually did a little bounce in there, it was pretty funny.

Seeing my baby on the screen makes me so happy.  My husband sat next to me with our son on his lap (he was so well behaved, much better than our first ultrasound!), and I feel so blessed to be growing our family.

So this was the first trimester scan – previously referred to as the IPS scan I guess.  This is to test for neural defects and chromosomal abnormalities.  From my understanding, from what my midwife has told me, the tests have changed a bit since I was pregnant with my son.  Previously it required an ultrasound and two blood tests.  Now it’s just an ultrasound plus one blood test.  And then if it’s determined that the baby’s risk is high, then you go in for another blood test which is 99% accurate.  Previously you went from the scan and two blood tests to amniocentesis.  So I’m glad that there’s an extra step in there now.

I don’t really like to think about whether or not our baby will be high risk for Down syndrome.  I just think there’s not sense in worrying about it until we know the facts.  And then when we have the information, we can then think about it.

I will just say this, when I was in high school I provided care for a six year old boy with Down syndrome.  I went to their home every morning at 6 am and again after school until 5.  I looked after him some evenings and weekends as well.  Now, I was young, but I could see the strain he put on the marriage.  I knew first hand how difficult he could be.  I also knew how loving, and sweet and special that boy was.

But again, not going to think about it until we know the facts.

I think when it comes to pregnancy, birth, and newborns there is just a lot of trust.  Trust that everything will be OK.  Trust that my body knows what it’s doing.  Trust that if things are not OK, then it’s for a reason.

And right now I trust that all is well.  Seeing that beautiful, perfect little person on the screen and knowing their heart is beating away, strong and healthy, gives me comfort.  I now have to go for a blood test later today and will get the results at my next midwife appointment.

I’m super super excited for the next scan (around 18 weeks) when we can find out the gender 🙂


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