My Day

It’s 6:20 am and I hear my son crying.  Much earlier than expected seeing as he didn’t settle until 7:40 the night before.  I give him 10 minutes to see if he’ll fall back asleep (he usually wakes up crying when he’s still tired), but then I hear him jumping.

He is up.

I go in and get him and bring him to bed with me because I’m still tired, but he’s not having it.  He squirms and slithers off the side of the bed.  I reluctantly get up, change his diaper and head downstairs for breakfast.

Breakfast is scrambled eggs, toast and watermelon – all of which he devours.  As do I.

It’s 7am, I go shower, put on a shower cap and shave my legs because I’m giving a presentation at work and want to feel put together.  My razor is old and leaves my skin itchy, but my oatmeal cream helps.  I put on a skirt, try on a maternity top and decide I’m not big enough for it, and wear a loose fitting sleeveless top instead.  I throw my hair in a loose bun and head downstairs to do my makeup.

My son cries for my makeup brushes. I give him one reminding him not to put it in his mouth.  He rubs my foundation brush onto his neck with a little smile on his face.  Brushes it across his cheeks, then into his mouth. I remind him that I’ll take it away if he puts it in his mouth again. He smiles at me, runs away and sits in the corner with the brush in his mouth.  I take it away.  He scream cries, flailing on the floor.  I give him my makeup mirror, he is happy again.  My husband asks if we should get him some cheap makeup brushes.  I say, how progressive of you.  He doesn’t get what the big deal is.  I add cheap makeup brushes to my list along with new razors.

It’s 8am and we are all in the car.  I sit in the back with him so I can I kiss his feet, point out the buses and be near him for a little while more before I head into work.  I get dropped off and they head to the park.

From 8:20 to 4 I work.  I eat a lot.  I have half a coffee, breakfast sandwich (second breakfast), a bunch of fruit (watermelon, cherries and strawberries), and a granolda bar all before noon. I take a break to write a blog post.  I send and respond to emails.  I give a presentation that I am very pleased with.  I get out for a short walk.  Eat more.  Soup, veggie wrap, popsicle, and popcorn. I get text messages from my husband, updates on naps, snacks, and overall mood.  It’s not looking good.  I lead a meeting and review progress on a project and delegate a bunch of work.  I’m hungry when I walk in the door at 4:45.

It’s 5pm.  My son is losing his shit while my husband cooks dinner.  His shirt is covered in our sons snot, but he looks happy.  I put on Paw Patrol so that I can have some quiet cuddles while we wait for dinner.  It’s delicious.  Not much was left on the floor for the dog tonight.  But my son is covered so we head right up to the bath while my husband walks the dog.  Into the bath.  He splashes and 10 minutes in he starts scooping the water out of the tub and onto the floor.  That means it’s time to get out.  I wrap him up, squeeze him tight and kiss his sweet clean shoulders.

He runs around the house naked and laughing and then has a complete over the top meltdown because he closed the door and couldn’t open it again.  It’s time for bed!

Diaper and pjs are a battle.  My husband heads out to the gym and I sit on the floor with my son.  I read him stories while he pulls all the books off his bookshelves.  I put the books back and sit him on my lap while we read three last stories.  Tonight it’s Little Blue Truck, Llama Llama Red Pajama, and Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site.  Easily my favourite three.

It’s 6:30.  We give kisses to Mr. Teddy Bear, kisses to mom, and sing three rounds of Somewhere Over the Rainbow.  More kisses.  I love yous.  Sleep well. I love you.

He is out.

I am exhausted.

…and hungry.

I go downstairs and eat a bowl of Fiber One cereal with a glass of orange juice, while longing for a glass of wine.  I consider doing some yoga but watch Brooklyn 99 on Netflix instead.  I eat some more.  An oatmeal muffin and a handful of blueberries.

It’s 8:30pm and I’m in bed with my book.  Hoping for a good nights sleep so that I have the energy to do it all again tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “My Day

  1. Valerie says:

    Oh, I LOVE reading entries like this!! Gives such a good glimpse into one’s life! 🙂
    LOL, I had first trimester hunger like that with my third child – I could not feel satisfied. I’m glad the presentation went well!


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