Pregnancy Progress Report: Week 11

I don’t feel much like being pregnant today.  I am so tired, my nausea is threatening to return (I can feel it lurking in the corner), and I’ve recently become worried about the birth. Which is strange because I had a really amazing experience first time around.  This time I’m having worries pop in about the baby.  All those what-ifs that make me second guess a home birth.  But lots of time to decide, after all, I’m only 11 weeks.

So according to this pregnancy website, the little one in there is about the size of a lemon.  Meaning they have been growing growing growing (they were only a kumquat last week!).  They are resembling a little person more and more with fingers and toes and they are making themselves at home in there, moving and kicking already.

11 Week Update

Workouts: Better!  I went for walks almost every day this week and even managed to fit in some stretching.  I’m thinking I’ll sign up for a prenatal yoga class because I just can’t seem to find the motivation to do it at home.

Symptoms: You do not want to be near me right now – I am moooooody.  One bad look my way and I just may bite your head off.  And then I will cry.  I swear I wasn’t this bad with my first.  I still have a hint of nausea, but nothing like before.  And my eyes hurt.  Could just be that I’m tired, but they feel so dry and achy (can eyes feel achy?).  I’m also happy to say that my digestive tract is finally acting normal again – thank you water and Fibre One cereal.

Food Aversions: I can pretty much eat anything again, including pastries.  And I do.  Water still makes my stomach squiggly, but I’m forcing it down.

Food Cravings: Again with the french fries.  Funny thing is, once I have them, they’re just OK.  Popsicles have also been on my mind.  Oh and now that I an stomach coffee again, Tim Hortons Iced Caps seem to be hitting the spot – which is weird because I normally don’t like them.  And bagels.  Always with the bagels.

Sleep: This week sucked.  I’m so tired.  I’ve been having a hard time falling asleep and I’ve been waking up 2 or 3 times in the night.  For absolutly no reason.

Miss Anything?  Wine.  Having energy.  Not being a slave to my emotions.

Fun and/or Interesting Things from the Week: Having my parents here was exhausting and now we’re all just adjusting back to our regular, quiet lives.  I’ve told a few more people.  Umm…yeah, not too much.  Next week will be more interesting as I think I’ll have an ultrasound and I’ll probably make the big announcement.  Or not.  I kind of like when people just have their babies and then post on Facebook, I had a baby!  Though it’s also nice to share the news.


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