The End of Our Breastfeeding Journey

It’s been three days since our last nursing session.

I thought it would feel different once we stopped.  More dramatic, or emotional.  More something.

Not that this is a bad thing.  He is nearly 17 months old and we had only been nursing once a day for a few months now.  And then a few nights ago I went out and my husband put him down for sleep without any milk so I figured now is as good as time as any.

So we’ve just cut it out of the bedtime routine and it’s been totally fine.

In fact weaning altogether has been pretty uneventful for us.  Once he turned about 10 months old I just gradually  waited longer between nursing until we were at the point where we were only doing a morning and a night feed.  He then became disinterested in the morning feeds – he wanted to get up and go!

I knew it was time to stop altogether when his latch changed and the teeth were becoming a real problem.  He got all his teeth early and was always able to navigate around them, but in the last few weeks he’s been leaving some pretty significant marks.  And I’m not cool with that.

All in all I have really enjoyed breastfeeding my son and I am grateful to have been able to do so for as long as we did.  I hope that I’m able to take everything I’ve learned from this experience and that I have an easier time at the beginning with the little one on the way than I did with my son.  Those first few weeks were rough!


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