Boy or Girl?

People tend to ask similar questions when they find out that you’re pregnant.  Much like getting married – “when’s the big day?”.  (And then after you get married, “how does it feel to be married?”).

For babies, it’s:

  • how are you feeling?
  • when’s the due date?
  • are you going to find out the sex?

My responses these days have been:

  • better!
  • February 1
  • absolutely!!

I wouldn’t even consider not finding out the sex.  It’s not so that I can pick a name, or decorate the nursery, or buy the required pink or blue onesies.

I want to find out the sex so that I can better connect to this little person growing inside of me.  When I was pregnant with my son, I did not enjoy referring to him as “them”, or worse “it’.  Something about saying ‘him’ made it all feel so much more real to me.

It’s not about it being a boy or a girl because I will be happy either way.  I think it’s a girl, and I’ve been imagining a girl and thinking of girl names – even though I always thought we’d have all boys.

We obviously won’t find out for a few weeks still, but I’m excited for that day.  I’m excited to start imagining my son with a younger brother or sister and really thinking about that dynamic.  I’m excited to start really thinking of names. And I’m excited to just find out.

I remember it was a very emotional moment when we found out our first was a he.  Tears fell down my cheeks at the ultrasound and all I kept thinking was, it’s a boy.  We’re going to have a baby boy.

I would have cried if it was a girl too.



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