Instagram: The Rabbit Hole to Self Pity

Ok I need to stop looking at Instagram. Every time I’m in there scrolling, scrolling I find myself wishing for things I don’t have right now.

Vacations to Italy. Beautiful parties to go to with gorgeous friends.  Lounging on exotic beaches. Beers on a patio.

My life has none of this right now. Instead I have all day ‘morning’ sickness, super fatigue, no patience and a whole lot of self pity.

Whaa whaah.

When I find myself scrolling down the rabbit hole to self pity do you know what I do? I feel sorry for myself for a second and then I switch over to my own profile to remind myself that I actually have it pretty good.

Hell, people might even feel pangs of longing for my ‘perfect’ Instagram life!  It’s full of pictures of my gorgeous happy baby, my sexy husband, delicious food, and faces of my beautiful friends and family.

It may not be completely representative of my life right now – my son threw a tantrum tonight when I tried getting him into his pjs, I find myself irritated with my husband on a daily basis, most food repulseds me right now and I’m too tired to see my friends – BUT it does document true moments.

Besides, I’ve had lots of adventures, been to fabulous parties and had many, many beers on patios. And just because I don’t have those things in my life now doesn’t mean I won’t ever again.

Italy will still be there in, oh, 15 years, right?



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