Baby Kicks to Toddler Quirks

My son would always stop kicking the second my husband put his hand on my belly. I thought maybe it would mean he’d have a calming effect on him once he was born 🙂

(Not the case – the Ergo carrier on the other hand, magical device that is!)

When he was born and I could see the movements he was making I was beyond amazed, I kept thinking, it was you all along.

And then id break down into a puddle of tears.

Every movement was fascinating to me. He had this way of jutting his elbow out and then stretching his arm over his head and it all made sense – so that’s what you were doing in there!! I could never figure out what was a foot, a knee, an elbow or a fist.

I then understood that yes, he was definitely punching my cervix. Thanks for that, baby.

Hes 16 months old today and I’m still fascinated by his movements, only in a less weepy way.

Like, when we say ‘amazing’ he puts both arms up over his head and smiles his biggest smile. And he loves to walk around with his chest jutted out and his arms pulled straight back behind him. He’s so funny!

It’s so amazing to witness a baby go from being kicks in you womb to being an independent person with beautiful quirks and a full blown personality.

I’m so lucky. And I feel blessed that I get to do it all over again.


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