fatigue, plans and gratitude

This pregnant fatigue is seriously kicking my ass. I remember being tired with my first but this is out of control.

i got up with my son at 6:15 this morning and by 8:30 I could barely keep my eyes open. I was getting impatient with my son so my amazing husband offered to take him to the park while I lay down.

i slept for two hours! And I’m still tired!!

I feel like I ran a marathon on a empty stomach.  I just feel so drained.

The good news is I’m more than halfway through the first trimester!  I can’t wait to get my energy back!!

I’ve started to allow myself to get excited about things and make important plans – like what colour to paint the nursery. I still think it’ll be a girl so I’m thinking soft grey with yellow accents.  I loved planning and decorating my sons room – it’s actually the nicest room in our house and the only one we bothered to plan out haha

I felt like with my first that there was so much to do to prepare for his arrival. I researched everything and made Pinterest boards and hummed and haaawd over what crib to buy. I feel much different this time, not surprising. Less worried about the stuff that’s for sure.

Slightly worried about how it’s all going to work.

All I know is I need to take care of myself – my physical, mental, and emotional health because I want to be able to enjoy the crazy times that are coming.

Which means instead of feeling guilty for not being the one to take my son to the park this morning, I’m going to feel grateful for having that time to rest. Grateful for a healthy, active and animated  toddler. Grateful for this new life growing inside of me.


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