Pregnancy Yoga

When I was pregnant with my first, yoga was my go to exercise.  Yoga is really my go to exercise in general, but while pregnant I really embraced the calming state the yoga can induce.

In the first trimester, yoga really helped me to feel grounded.  It was time I took for myself to just breathe and accept all the changes that were happening.

In the second semester, when my energy came back, I turned to yoga to help ease my back pain and help my posture.  I also wanted to continue toning my side body and feel strong.

The third trimester was all about preparing for birth and easing sciatica.  Yoga helped me so much with this.

I do most of my yoga at home.  All you need is a mat and access to youtube.  Two years ago, when I was pregnant with my son, there were a limited number of prenatal yoga videos to choose from.  There are so many more now which is awesome.

I’m going to try this video tonight after I put my son down for bed.

I have a bad habit right now of putting him down and then plunking myself on the couch to binge watch Friends (I need a new show to watch!).  I’m going to try to make this my new routine – either do yoga or meditate after I put him down.

I’ve been feeling a bit dizzy and tired so I’m hoping this routine is nice and laaaazyyyy.


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