Pregnancy Progress Report: 7 Weeks

This is starting to feel real, guys!   I’m thinking more and more about having a little newborn and best part – I’m not feeling totally stressed out!  I thought I’d be feeling a lot more anxious, but I’ve been surprisingly chill about the whole thing.  Also, my 15 month old son is just so cool right now and the idea of our little family growing makes me so happy.

7 Week Update

Workouts: I’ve started to get back to my yoga practice this week.  Last Saturday I made it through two 10 minute routines! (These are the routines if you’re interested.)  And then I did a class on Monday – I spent most of it in savasana but whatever.  Also the weather is nicer so I’ve been getting out for (slow) walks.  I find I’m so out of breath and I’m getting dizzy quickly so I’m taking it pretty easy.

Symptoms: The dreaded morning sickness continues.  I thought I had found the ‘cure’ (cinnamon raison bagel first thing in the morning) but it didn’t seem to do the trick today.  Also the dizziness and I have headaches.  Umm what else?  I’m still crazy fatigued.  My brain feels a bit fuzzy all the time – it’s hard to concentrate!

Food Aversions: Coffee is still out.  As is is cake, ice cream and all things delicious (ie: pastries).

Food Cravings: I’m still salivating over fruit.   And bagels.  Oatmeal and cereal are up there too.

Sleep: I seem to be one day on, one day off.  One night I’ll crash at 8pm, next night I’ll toss and turn till midnight.  Last night was a tossy one for me.  And then up at 5:30 to the sound of my son making monkey noises (pretty much the cutest thing ever).

Miss Anything?  I miss coffee.  The idea of it turns my stomach right now, but I know that once the second trimester hits I’ll be able to enjoy a morning latte.  Looking forward to that.

What I’m Reading: Nothing new.  I’ve lent out a lot of my pregnancy books so I’m just trying to remember who has what.  I found a yoga and pregnancy book that I have and have been flipping through that.  I also got the ‘What to Expect’ app on my phone, it’s not too bad.

Fun and/or Interesting Things from the Week: I had blood work done this week, that was fun.  Ummm…my pants are getting tighter.  I told another work colleague (I am having an impossible time keeping this to myself!).  Other than that, pretty quiet week.


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