Do high hcg levels mean twins?

I have the best doctor.  She really is fantastic.  Not only is she patient and thorough, she’s just a really nice woman.

I’ve had to go and get some tests done – two rounds of blood work and I have an early ultrasound booked – and when the results came in she was the one to give me a call.

She said that my hcg (the pregnancy hormone) levels were quite high – which explains why I’ve been feeling so nauseous!  My first test came back at 24,300.  When I googled this (as we do) I found that this number is actually pretty mid range at 6 weeks.  She was expecting my second reading to be higher (it came back at 36,700 and the number usually doubles at this stage), but she said because the first number was high, it could just be levelling off.

So that’s all good news.  But I wasn’t really too worried anyways, I mean I definitely feel pregnant!

I do, however, have an irrational worry that we’ll have twins, which is one of the possibilities when hcg levels are high.  My husband doesn’t even like when I mention it because he can’t even consider the possibility. Neither can I really.  I just can’t even imagine.  I’m already nervous about having just the one!

The chance of us having twins is pretty slim though. Neither one of us have twins in our families and we didn’t do IVF.

It’s so weird, with my first the thought of twins didn’t even cross my mind.  And with this one it keeps popping in – even before I was pregnant.  I guess it’s one of those things where the thing that scares you most keeps pestering you.  And the thought of having twins terrifies me.

Well, we’ll find out Monday when I go for an ultrasound.  And if it’s true, if the universe has in fact been trying to prepare me for twins, well then, we’ll go from there.  Until then, there really is no sense in worrying about it.


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