Never Ending Morning Sickness

Oh my god I am way sicker this time around than I was with my first.  I wake up feeling nauseous and it stays with me all day long.

With my first pregnancy I found that eating (especially high protein foods) kept it at bay.  So this time, thinking I’ve been through this before, I’m a pro, I do the same thing – and nothing.  It still lingers.  Sometimes it even makes it angrier.

All this to say it really sucks.

A lot.

I guess the good news is there’s no doubt that I’m still pregnant!  I had some bleeding last Monday so I was a bit worried.  My doctor (I don’t yet have an appointment with my midwife) ordered some blood tests and an ultrasound just to be sure everything is OK, but I’m pretty confident that all is well in there.

I really hope this subsides over the next little while.  I really don’t want to spend the whole first trimester feeling (and clearly looking) sickly!


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